Version 18.12.001


Here's a list of changes in this release from the previous version:

New functionality/Changes

Here's a list of new functionality or modifications made to the regular workflow of the system.


  • 1.14.08 - Added PDF printing functionality when printing the list of comment blocks.
  • 1.14.17 - Changed the format of the gift card list to show the originating invoice instead of the customer.  Since gift cards are usually gifted, the originating invoice is a more useful piece of information.


  • 2.14 - Changed the last line of report generating options to read "Unit status" instead of "Type".  This is to clarify what information the system is asking the user for.


  • 1.14.01 - Rental contracts now allow consumable parts to be included multiple times on an invoice.
  • 1.14.01 - When doing a parts inquiry on rental equipment, items that are not in stock will now show up so the user can make reservations if required.  Note that equipment items that have been sold will still not show up as they are not available for rental.


  • PDF printing of receivable statements is now under development.  We will keep you posted as things advance.


  • 2.01.17 - Added functionality to support multilingual work order setup.  This allows work order field and charge descriptions to match your customer's language of choice (English or French).


  • Main menu - Typing a question mark '?' will now show an updated list of commands you can type at the main menu.

Bug Fixes


  • 1.01 - We have fixed an issue where a user could change a part's quantity on hand during an annual inventory procedure.
  • 1.04 - Fixed an issue where printing out input sheets during an annual inventory procedure would cause a "Subscript out of range" error message.
  • 1.09 - Fixed a "File already open" error message when accessing the Environmental Fees module.
  • 1.14.02 - Fixed a bug where, following an invoice reprint, the system would end up in the invoicing module instead of the reprint module.
  • 1.17 - We have fixed an issue where the cost of bulk oil was not being properly processed from information in work orders.
  • 1.17 - The statistics were not being tallied for amounts that were entered in the 2nd screen of w/o charges.  This has now been corrected.
  • 1.17 - In certain edge cases, the month end would crash during the parts statistics module.  This has now been fixed.


  • 1.01 - When making an adjustment to a consumable number in the rental major, the system will now choose the appropriate asset GL when making the adjusting journal entries.
  • 1.14.01 - The system had some hiccups when saving changes to existing rental contracts, especially when switching rental equipment around, or partially closing contracts.  This has now been corrected.
  • 1.14.01 - There was an issue with tracking multiple payments on a rental invoice.  This has been corrected.
  • 1.14.01 - The printing of rental invoices was not displaying all the appropriate information properly.  This has been corrected.
  • 1.25 - There was a bug where the acquisitions and disposal lists were having incorrect starting amounts if the system was in "next year".  This has now been corrected.


  • Certain rental and demo maintenance work orders were not being accounted for during the day-end procedure.  This has now been fixed.  All internal fees on a work order for a rental item is now considered a rental maintenance expense and will be considered the same as "P8".  This is the same for demo units and "P9" charges.
  • 1.06 - Work orders on rental equipment would not display the year of the unit being serviced.  We have modified the printing modules of opening and closing work orders to display this information, as well as keep the layout of this information consistent between the two modules.
  • 1.06.04 - Corrected a "File already open" error message when trying to close work orders.


  • 2.01 - We corrected an "Undefined line number" error when accessing functions 10 & 11.
  • 2.06 - Fixed an issue where the accessories sheet for a unit was not properly printing when sent to a PDF.
  • 2.17 - Corrected the Dealer Price display when printing a List of models.


  • 1.03 - We've made some changes to the customer's w/o views; you should still be able to see a customer's work orders if the unit was transferred to another customer.  This is to keep their transaction history accessible.

Employee Maintenance

  • 5.01 - Found a bug that would overwrite certain employee information (i.e. department) when creating a new employee.
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