Who is this site intended for?


This support website is primarily intended for customers of LARS Computer Systems Inc., users of the In-Charge dealer management software, as well as associated applications, devices and services.  This site enables registered users to submit support requests, access Knowledge Base articles, submit ideas and create topics of discussion to help the user community at large. 

A registered user account is also required to access any attachments that we may send you through your support tickets.

To sign up, click on the "Sign in" link on the top right of this page.  This will bring up the registration window, where you will notice two links at the bottom: the one indicated "Sign up" is for first time visitors who have never sent us a request to our support@larsinc.com email address - the other indicated "Get a password" is for those who have previously sent us an email to our support portal.  Please click on the link applicable to you and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that access to the documentation and Knowledge Base articles are restricted to organizations that have an active "Software Support & Maintenance Agreement" in good standing.  Also, certain sections of the knowledge base are restricted to a select few employees within your organization; these sections are specifically intended for management personnel. 

Also note, should your organization require it, specific users can have access to all tickets submitted from your company.  Otherwise, access to support tickets history is restricted only to your email address.

Should you find that your account does not have access to these sections of the website, please submit a ticket or send us a request to support@larsinc.com as it may just be that your account was not linked to the proper organization, or the proper rights have not been granted.

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